As the name implies, Geelong Boating Centre is THE established boating centre for Geelong and surrounding regions.

For the past 40 years we have provided excellent service to boating customers by servicing all their boating needs. We are one of Victoria’s oldest authorised Yamaha dealers and have been listed as one of Yamaha’s top ten highest achievers in Yamaha sales.

Along with 40 years of boating experience comes the knowledge and understanding of how to run a highly successful business. Our cornerstone of success is based on delivering high quality service to our clients. We know that in order to deliver what we boast we must have exceptionally well trained staff. With experienced sales consultants and experienced factory trained mechanics, we have the team to meet all of the clients boating needs.

Our quest for customer satisfaction is well known by many repeat clients who know price is only one element in a purchase. Our philosophy put quite simply is Total Customer Satisfaction. We take pride in the knowledge that we have the experience to provide the clients with the best buy for their money and needs.

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Above all though, we are just like you. We love boats and boating and share your passion for spending time on the water with family and friends.

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Commercial Operators

While the bulk of the customers at Geelong Boating Centre are family boaters, we also have a significant group of commercial operators who depend upon us for their new boats, engine repowers and servicing. Amongst our commercial customers are:

Government Agencies
Professional fishermen
Rowing and Sailing Clubs
Surf Lifesaving Organisations


We understand that the needs of these customers are quote different to recreational boaters and as such, we are adept at providing boat packages that are more technically demanding. In short, what may seem an unusual or demanding specification for your needs, is in fact something that we at Geelong Boating have delivered many times over already. If you have a specific need and want to minimise the time spent off the water, our sales and service team at Geelong Boating Centre can certainly assist. All you have to do is ask for help and we will rise to meet your challenge.